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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Designing a Home - House Sketch (Part 2 - Conclusion)

So, I was talking about designing our new home. Now as I see my house, I can give you some tips, that might help you in giving final touches to your paper map. I would advice that all houses should have enough free space for light and air to come in. That for me, is the most practical requirement, that we all should aim at. Next, although I am not a big believer of Vaastu, I would still suggest you to follow its basics, especially regarding the  entrance gate of the house.

On a practical note, I would advice that kitchen should be as far away from all the toilets as possible ! So should be the 'Puja' room, i.e. if you plan to make one. It should have a small garden, and it should be full of trees, big and small. These things helps in keep the envirnment around the house fresh and heathy.

If you are planning any modern look for your home, then you should always consider it with respect to rainy season. All the slopes should be in accordance, so that water from terrace doesn't sticks anywhere by any means. Slopes are of utmost importance here ! Don't just go for looks, they wont count after a few months, so be practical and plan your home according to comfort, and not mere style !